About Cheri


Hi.  Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to learn a little about me!  I'm a gal in love with LIFE, FAMILY, and FRIENDS.  I ENJOY so many things - meeting people, being in the great outdoors, drinking really good COFFEE, watching movies, ethnic cuisines, hiking, walking & playing with my dog (a little beagle-doxie mix named Hazel), gardening & nature (not always compatible!), traveling across this GREAT country, listening to music of ALL kinds, writing, discovering interesting WINES (old vine zinfandels are my favorites!), chocolate (goes SO well with the zinfandel), books that open up new worlds to me and make me forget where I am.  But the thing that really rocks me is PHOTOGRAPHY (all kinds, especially PORTRAITS).  I love looking at PEOPLE!  I find something BEAUTIFUL and interesting in every face and strive to capture that with every portrait I make.  Everyone has a STORY to tell and I work hard to capture the images that tell that story.

Like many photographers, my passion goes back to my childhood - I've always been fascinated by cameras - the way they look, feel, even smell!  But even more, I was fascinated by the MAGIC - being able to capture images, and people, and places, and MEMORIES!  I love people and find the endless variety of human expression fascinating!  It's nearly impossible for me to meet someone, or even pass someone on the street, and not want to photograph them! 

I'm a LIFESTYLE photographer located in the lovely college town of Indiana, Pennsylvania (part of the Greater Pittsburgh metro area).  I take a LAID-BACK approach to making portraits - I don't do a lot of posing.  Rather, I prefer to photograph my subjects in an environment where they can RELAX and be themselves.  My goal is to capture the personalities and relationships of my subjects.  My philosophy is to have FUN and in the process get some GREAT images! 

My commercial photography includes candid business portraits, as well as head shots, and images of products and business details.  I use the same approach whether photographing families or providing "visual collateral" for business websites -  I try to capture images that tell a story. 

I'd love to help YOU with YOUR photographic needs.  Let's tell YOUR story!  Check out my "GET IN TOUCH WITH ME" page, send me an email (cwidzowski@gmail.com), or come see me on Facebook: